My name is Lauren Marr and I'm a photographer based in Melbourne. 
Specialising in fine art photography, I bring something a little more creative to my commercial work and I believe this is what separates me from the rest. 
Working with high-end corporate clients as well as small creative businesses and individuals, I create images for all types of industries with equal passion and dedication.

The areas I specialise in are;

Product and advertising



Architecture and Interior


 Head shots


Fine Art Prints

Events and Music


I have been an avid photographer for most of my life.

I began with a compact Pentax my father bought me for our weekends together when I was nine years old, and it never left my side. 
I have boxes of albums filled with thousands of photographs I took over the years, most of which were pictures of my childhood cat, Fluffy.
I always felt that photography was capturing a memory before it's forgotten and I had to capture every moment I could.  Today, I still believe that but I also feel that photography is such a special way to create something from something else, I see a photographer's camera as a painter's brush, a way to show how and what I see with my own personal perspective.
There is beauty in everything around us, you just have to look at it the right way.
I love what I do and I cherish every moment of it.